Community Bible Study hosted at CCC as a Men’s study.

Multidenominational, with participation by men for many local church’s as well as CCC.

September 10th 2019 begins the study of the Red Sea to the Jordan Rivers: Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers

Where :: CCC, registration button below
Who :: Men of all ages
Those new to the faith and the Bible to seasoned saints
More about CBS
Started in 1975 as a Bible study available to people in Washington DC. Now a global outreach with hundreds of thousands of participants worldwide.
CBS Approach to Bible Study: Individual study of daily lessons; Group discussion in core group of about a dozen men; Large group learning; Insightful commentary written by Bible experts and researchers; and Caring community of men.

Click here for info on the men's study specifically.
Testimony of a CBS Participant
“I have read the Bible before, but CBS through the lesson questions caused me to think more deeply than I ever did before about God’s word.  And then when we get together to discuss the passage we studied on our own, the Holy Spirit brings out through each man there, insights that are truly valuable to my growth as a Christian man in our society today.”


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