Donations For Harriet's

Due to the increased demand of more clients, Harriet's needs have increased so we are asking the body to bring in multiples of each item to help fill the 100+ bags they give out each week.

If each family brought 4-5 items in their category, Harriets would get the 100-125+ items they need.  The groups are based on last names. So if you last name beings with a C, you would bring in 4 or 5 boxes of cereal. Donations may be left in the bins in front of the church office.

Last Name:  Items to donate
A-B: Mac N Cheese
C-E: Cereal
F-H: Small bags of rice
I-L: Cleaning and hygiene items
M-N: Paper Towels
O-R: Peanut Butter
S-T: Crackers/Cookies
U-Z: Canned Good (vegetables, fruits, soups)

Harriet's can still use everyone bringing in bags of apples, oranges, potatoes, carrots, onions, plastic grocery bags and empty egg cartons too.
Please remember that non-perishables only may be dropped off. 
No toys, books, or clothing at this time please.
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