Family Summer Fun Pack - Drive-Thru May 29th

Families with kids in 5th grade and younger are invited to the church parking lot by the playground from 6:30-7:30pm to pick up a Family @Home Summer Fun Pack from your teacher.

As you drive through, be sure to wave and say “hi” to your teachers! 


Packets?  What is in the packet? So glad you asked  . . .

Each Family Packet will include:

We are uncertain when we will resume meeting together on Sundays, and even once we do it is also uncertain when the children and student ministries will resume.  This summer you will get to lead your children through the next unit of the Gospel Project, enter Family Photo Contests, and participate in a Summer Secret Pal program.  Bible story videos and song videos will be available each week on-line for you to watch as a family.

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