Surviving the Holidays -  Nov. 9th Dec. 7th

Help for those dealing with grief during the holidays

No matter what the circumstances, grief recovery is a painful process.  And with the holiday season approaching, you are likely experiencing a jumble of emotions.  Facing a holiday after the death of a loved one, no matter how long it’s been, can be exceedingly difficult …perhaps even more than your family or friends realize.  Thoughts of social gatherings, family traditions and obligations leave you anxious and overwhelmed.  Your sadness can seem unbearable.  You may wish you could skip these next two months and go straight to the routine of the next year – but you can’t.  What can you do to lessen your stress and loneliness?  You can start by planning to attend a special, two-hour seminar that CCC is sponsoring to help people face the holidays after the loss of a family member or friend.

“GriefShare: Surviving the Holidays”, a special, stand-alone holiday seminar produced by GriefShare, a Christ-centered grief support group program, offers practical, actionable strategies for making it through the holiday season.  It will be held Saturday, December 7th (moved from Nov. 9th), from 1:30PM to 3:30PM at Clearwater Community Church in the Living Room.  There is no cost to attend. 

At this seminar, you’ll view a video featuring advice from people in grief who have experienced the holidays after their loved one’s death and who offer practical suggestions and reassurance.  You’ll hear insights from respected Christian counselors, pastors and psychologists.     

You’ll discover:

You will also receive a free booklet with over 30 daily readings and powerful scripture passages as well as helpful charts and tips to manage the holiday season during this difficult time.   Much of the valuable material expounds on what you will learn in the video, helping to further prepare you to face the holidays with a measure of peace and assurance. 

At the end of the session, you will learn about the next cycle of GriefShare at CCC that will start in February.     

To register for this seminar on Nov. 9th, please click the button below.  Or, if you prefer, you call the church office to register or contact Sarah Finnerty at 727-791-7780 or finnerette[at]

Please prayerfully consider attending the seminar on Nov. 9th.  Whether you’re just beginning your grief journey or are in progression, come to be reminded of the reasons why focusing on the meaning of Christmas leads to hope and healing.  Trust that God, our Ultimate Healer, is empowering you to press forward one step at a time.         

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