Title:  Issues: Biblical Clarity in the Midst of Cultural Confusion

Dear church family,
This week we will look at another important, yet sensitive issue - pornography. As with last week, we want you to be aware that the nature of this week's sermon may not be appropriate for younger children. Depending on the discussions you have had with your children, we want you to be able to make arrangements that are best for your children and your family. 

Again, we want to encourage everyone, but particularly older students, young adults, and parents/ grandparents of young children, to attend and engage in this important issue. We will have a discussion led by Pastor Josh during second hour in the Living Room for anyone interested. This is for anyone from high school through adults.  Hope to see you Sunday.

Josh Kee
Pastor of Worship and Discipleship
Clearwater Community Church

*During our current series covering a variety of issues Christians face as we live in an ever-changing culture, this class will be held in the Living Room during 2nd hour. We will go into greater depth around the theme covered during the morning worship service by looking at other relevant biblical teaching on that topic, discussing certain arguments and counterpoints that may be raised, and answering questions that attenders may have. We encourage everyone that is looking to go deeper on these issues to attend because the discussion will be geared to address issues faced by teenagers and adults alike.

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