WEDNESDAY NIGHT YOUTH GROUP  7:00PM-8:30PM (Class time may vary for special events.) 

Weds. July 29th will be a pool party from 6:30-8:30 at the Hutfless Home. Contact Beth for details at 727-385-0338.

Fourth and Fifth graders gather on Wednesdays on the playground to catch-up, play, encourage each other to know and love the gospel and welcome students who are curious, searching or hurting that they might know the glorious grace of Christ.

We love our students, and our goal is to help them develop a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ as we walk with them through these years. Our prayer is that every student would grow in their 1) love and knowledge of God's WORD, 2) intimacy with Christ through PRAYER, 3) love for Christ's church in FELLOWSHIP, 4) heart for the world in WITNESS, 5) selfless love in SERVICE and 6) faithful living in STEWARDSHIP. We want to serve your family as best as we can as you lead your family, for the glory of God, and are excited to be a part of you and your students' lives!


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