Ongoing ways to volunteer are listed below. Many of our volunteer opportunities require going through our training program and/or being a member of our church.  If you are new to our church please attend one of our quarterly 1st Impressions Training classes on Sunday morning to begin the volunteer process.

We encourage everyone to start the volunteer process by attending our 1st Impressions Class held a couple of times a year.  

Welcome, Usher & Greeting to connect and assist those in attendance on Sunday mornings to navigate the morning and find their next steps.
Kari Kee ::

 Email Eva in the office if interested in joining the security team.

Looking for people interested in helping in the parking lot. Please contact John Hall if interested at jshall22[at] 







We welcome those who are interested in volunteering in the preschool and elementary classrooms.  Please contact Beth at BethZ[at] for more information on how to serve the smallest members of our church family. 



CCC has advocacy teams for our missionaries that still are in need of a team to represent them. This team of 6-8 people meets periodically via email or video conferencing to care, represent and pray for CCC's missionaries. Contact Debbie Lichtenberg  debbiel1a[at] or 727-200-1842. Click HERE to read more about our advocacy teams.





Looking for a place to serve and connect? Harriet's can use help almost any day of the week. Click HERE to read more about the current needs.




We welcome those who are interested in volunteering in the nursery.  This is a monthly rotation that serves one month and off one month.  Volunteers are needed both hours.  Please contact Beth at BethZ[at] for more information on how to serve the smallest members of our church family. 


We are looking for baristas to serve on Sunday mornings for setup and/or cleanup in our Coffee Ministry.  If you are interested, call Heather at the church office: 727-799-4444.





If you are interested in helping with the audio or video positions on Sundays mornings, please click here to email David.



OUR MISSION: To serve those in our church family and community with the gifts and passions God has given us, in order to build up the body in love. These opportunities can also be found above for immediate needs, or in the list below for all the possible areas of service.


Travel work teams that go to disaster areas as needed to serve those affected by tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, etc.
Steve Engelhardt ::


Vocalists, instrumentals, audio/visual and creative elements (graphics, presentation, video, art, poetry, etc) are needed to help lead our church to behold God's glory through the gospel as we gather.
Josh Kee ::


Fresh Start coaches people through probation by providing Christian mentors trained in Coaching 101.
Herb Schluderberg ::


Variety of work projects at the church or in the community as needed. Includes: painting, tree trimming, landscaping, fixes, etc.
John Hall ::


Help people find their way on Sunday mornings as they navigate our campus.
John Hall ::


A well-staffed nursery is available during both services for newborns through 24 months. The toddler class is equipped to meet the developmental needs of energetic, curious children.
Beth Zeeb ::


Kyle Loomis (High School) ::