Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) are classes on Sunday morning for instruction in God's word. Classes are designed to nurture relationships around biblical truth through teaching, discussion and application. Please contact Pastor Phil Burggraff if you have any questions regarding classes ::

1st Hour & 2nd Hour

9:00-10:15 am  //  10:45-12:00 pm

The goals of focused endeavor for our ABFs are the following:

  • To focus our attention afresh on the gospel and its continuing implications for our lives as the key to our Christian life, maturity, and evangelism/discipleship
  • To help ensure that all of those who join and serve at CCC have a unified understanding of the gospel and its call on our lives
  • To instill the basic disciplines of following Jesus into our members 

To these ends, the following classes will be offered (Capitol Hill Basics Core Seminars):

Explaining Christianity (6 weeks)

  • 2/6 - Jesus’ Authority and Divinity
  • 2/13 - Jesus’ Death on the Cross
  • 2/20 - Jesus’ Resurrection from the Dead
  • 2/27 - Salvation by Grace, Not Works
  • 3/6 - What is a Christian (Part 1)
  • 3/13 - What is a Christian (Part 2)