Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take on an assignment of acquiring and caring for a secret pal over the summer. Your job is to do various thoughtful acts for this individual all through the summer. You will disclose your identity at a picnic on August 29th, and NOT BEFORE. To gain acceptance into this program, you need to submit your name to or text 727-385-0338 by May 23rd. You will be assigned a pal, and also put your name into the database for being assigned to someone to be your pal. The BIG reveal will be at a picnic on August 30. For ideas contact me. Hope you all choose to accept your mission! I need your name by May 23rd. 

Must be able to keep secrets and be sneaky in your thoughtful acts. 

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  • I will get you some information on your pal but in the meantime, feel free to google secret pal gift ideas. 
  • Favorite candy with a note 
  • If their birthday falls over the summer, a carefully placed birthday card 
  • Leave a small gift (dollar store ) on their door-step 
  • Ring the door and leave a plate of freshly baked cookies on the doorstep 
  • Decorate the front yard after dark so they find it in the morning 
  • Post a sign where you know they will find it 
  • Deliver their favorite drink with a pretty straw 
  • Mail a gift card to a fast-food restaurant 
  • Type a note of all the things you like about them, mail it without a return address