Advocacy Teams

CCC supports advocacy teams for our missionaries. A team consists of 6-8 people who meet periodically via email or video conferencing to care, represent and pray for CCC's missionaries. If you want to join or lead one of these teams please talk with Debbie Lichtenberg. Email at debbiel1a[at]

- Missionary Care
- Representation
- An extension of Clearwater Community Church

Missionary Care means praying for those who are living in challenging environments, Raising their children far from family, as well as dealing with Cultural adjustments, and Language barriers. Missionaries need to know that they are not alone.

Representation means the Advocacy Team champions the missionary to our church body and advocates ongoing participation in ministry. It also means building a sense of connection to our workers.

An Extension of Clearwater Community Church means the team provides Communication with CCC, prayer requests for the digital Monthly Prayer Booklet (available by request to Debbie), and accountability of both the Advocacy Team and the Missionaries.
- Meet Monthly
- Pray
- Represent
- Provide Needs