Core Commitments

What We're About

We seek to passionately proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and desire to be obedient followers who are deeply committed to worshipping God by growing spiritually into Christ’s likeness and character, fully experiencing the joy and satisfaction of knowing Him.

We strive to be a community of believers that are committed to sharing life with God together, expressing our love and service to others, while living out our faith in a way that runs counter to the present culture.

With the Word of God as our primary authority, our commitment is to pursue lives that are lived under the influence and renewing power of the Holy Spirit, so that in all things God will receive the glory.

Our Message

The Gospel is revealed to us in the Word of God, the Bible, and is “good news” for the believing sinner. The Gospel message is a call for sinners to turn from sin and through faith to place their hope in the perfect life and sacrificial, atoning death of Jesus Christ, who died in our place on the cross and who subsequently rose from the dead, so that we may receive forgiveness of sin and the promise of eternal life with God. In all our ministries, we seek to live out and proclaim the Gospel. As those who are committed to making disciples (followers) of Jesus Christ, it was Jesus’ command that His church proclaim this message with great power, a power that is given to us through the indwelling Holy Spirit of God, who lives in the hearts of all who believe.

Our Worship

As a church, we have made a commitment to verse by verse, expositional preaching of the inerrant Word of God, where each Sunday the church comes together for worship and instruction from the Bible. We see ourselves as a church that is committed to sound teaching, gathering for worship and scattering for evangelism. It is a place where we pray for one another and sing joyfully about the grace and love that we have found in our mutual relationship with Jesus Christ. It is our prayer that those who may not yet believe would come and join us and see the greatness of our God, so that they too may rejoice in the salvation of God that leads us to worship Him.

Our Outreach

In our commitment to the Gospel, CCC is a church that places a strong emphasis on local outreach and global missions. We are active in outreach ministries and are eager to serve our neighbors in meeting physical needs. This is where our love for Christ is revealed, in our actions. We also send teams overseas for short-term mission trips, and are continuing to raise up, support, and send out full-time missionaries of our own who are committed to building the Kingdom of God. In short, we are a missions-minded, outreach-oriented church that seeks to make disciples of Jesus Christ. It is our desire not to retreat from our culture, but to strategically address it and approach it in relevant ways that will communicate the truth about God with conviction and love, a Gospel message that will present a worldview that is counter to the present culture. We believe that Christ is the only way through which one can obtain salvation, and therefore it is essential that we proclaim this truth with a spirit of urgency and passion to a world that is lost and dying without hope.

Our Youth & Children

Clearwater Community Church has historically been known as a church that has a strong ministry to children and youth. As those who are created in His image, our children are precious to us. Our desire is to communicate the truth about God to them at an early age, so that they too will become committed followers of Christ who live their lives for the glory of God.

Our Service

As those who are seeking to be like Christ, it is our privilege to use our gifts and resources to serve others, abandoning our selfish pursuits in an effort to become more like Jesus. He is our model, and it was He who set the example of loving service by “washing the feet” (John 13) of His own disciples. As those committed to becoming more like Him, we see that growth process continually revealed in an ever-increasing desire to love and serve others.

Our Welcome

We’re striving to be a fellowship of authentic Christians united by a passionate commitment to see God glorified in everything we do, and we hope that you will come and visit our church family, that you would know Christ and grow in the knowledge and grace of God, and that in all things He may receive all glory and praise.