Corporate Worship Times

In-person each Sunday at 9:00am and at 10:45am.

In the Sanctuary, masks optional.  2897 Belcher Rd., Dunedin, FL 34698

Normally there are two services, each service lasts approximately one hour and fifteen minutes, leaving time between services for good fellowship as the body of Christ. 

During each Sunday morning worship hour, we also offer Adult Bible Fellowship classes for all ages and walks of life, where smaller groups gather for prayer, fellowship and inductive Bible study. Our desire is that everyone at CCC would take advantage of a Bible Fellowship class in one hour, and participate in corporate worship in the other.  For a full description of these classes, please see the Christian Education section of our website. Trained and registered service dogs are welcome. 

Theology of Worship

Everyone worships something. That is to say that everyone recognizes something as possessing more worth than anything else. For most people, it is self; and they spend their lives doing all they can to please themselves, obeying the desires that seem most personally beneficial or satisfying. Conversely, Christian worship is seeing that God’s worth far surpasses all things, and responding to him in a life of obedience and love.

The Bible is the story of God’s plan to redeem for himself a people who will worship him perfectly throughout eternity; and throughout salvation history, from creation to the eternal Kingdom, God has prescribed the ways that he desires to be worshipped.

He required that Adam worship him by delighting in him and guarding his creation.

He called on Abraham to worship him by believing his promises and being willing to sacrifice his only son, Isaac.

He described in detail the ways that his people, Israel, were to worship him in the Law he gave to Moses at Sinai, the heart of which were the ten commandments and the love command of Deuteronomy 6.

In the New Covenant, we now look to the New Testament and find clear, developed teaching from Christ himself and his apostles on how God’s people, the church, should lives their lives in worship of him.

Finally, in Revelation 7, we have a glimpse into the future when God’s redeemed People will know him fully and worship him forever.

Music In Worship

Music has a role in corporate worship primarily because God has commanded his people to sing and make music. The Bible is filled with accounts, not only of people singing praises to God, but also of God instructing his people to teach one another about him by repeating songs over and over that tell of his covenant love for them and of their responsibilities before him.  

Music and singing are gifts from God that have unique power to deepen our understanding of biblical truth by connecting it to our emotions and by imbedding it into our memory. As such, we believe that it is vitally important that we take great care to use music carefully and intentionally, so that the emotional connection is right and biblical, and that what is remembered is the whole counsel of God, equipping the saints and exhorting them to love and good works. 

The Holy Spirit In Worship

The Holy Spirit is the indwelling power of God in the believer and the seal of his/her inheritance in Christ. He convicts individuals of sin, effectually draws them to repentance and faith, sanctifies them, comforts them, intercedes for them before the Father, and constantly bears witness that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

With regard to Christian worship in general, we believe that no one ever worships God without the Holy Spirit, and that true worship of God on the part of the Christian is evidence of an internal change that can only be wrought by the Spirit. In a corporate setting, when a local body of believers gathers together, we believe that the Holy Spirit works through the public reading, preaching, and singing of Scripture as means of shaping God’s people into the likeness of Christ.

Since the Spirit works through the Word, our regular gatherings for corporate worship are filled with and based on Scripture and we trust that the Holy Spirit is systematically working, week by week, through all elements, to grow his people in their understanding of the Bible, and in their love for God and one another.

Corporate Worship

When we gather on Sunday mornings for corporate worship, our primary purpose is to hear and respond to the full counsel of God’s Word. So, in everything we do, we are seeking to fill our minds and hearts with a broad scope of biblical truth, especially the Gospel—God’s sovereign plan to redeem a People for himself through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, his Son.

Every week we read Scripture together. Every week we sing songs that center on God, His Gospel, and the life we are to live in light of it. Every week we receive the preaching of God’s Word. And every week we pray together that God would transform us, as a church and as individuals, into the image of Christ, a display of God’s glory. 

Leadership In Corporate Worship

Our goal in corporate worship is to provide humble, skillful leadership for the praise of Christ, the edification of the church, and the expansion of the Kingdom, and to resist any tendency towards mere human entertainment or performance.